Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Well Hello Keira !!!!

I could go on and on about the Keira Jumpsuit, from the Nina Ramel pattern collection, and I will  for a bit ( wink).
First of all, let me say a huge THANK YOU  to Shari Williams of  My Daily Threadz , the creator of this swanky little number. At least that's the way it made me  feel, LOL! So serious though, this jumpsuit is EVERYTHING! it is so fabulously easy to put together.
Let me start from the beginning. I love the idea of keying in your measurements and having a PDF pattern printed out specific to my own measurements. After reading earlier reviews of this pattern, I made adjustments to mine thinking that I would need the same adjustments. However, after stitching this garment together, which was suppose to be ( or can still be considered my "wearable muslin"), I ended up reversing the adjustments for an almost perfect fit.  I say almost, because when I reversed the adjustments, I lost the 2" that I added on to the length. But, hey, it is still wonderful. The length does not cancel out this greatness!
The fabric I chose to use  is a scuba knit that I believe I purchased from I actually used the same fabric that I just used for my active wear challenge. It was only gonna be my test garment. But, whoa baby, I loved it so much I rocked it the surprise 80th birthday party my Mary Kay Senior Director gave to her husband.
I received so many compliments and was very proud to say that it was a Nina Ramel jumpsuit.

Photos courtesy of my husband, Devin Hudson Photography


Pattern : Nina Ramel Pattern Collection
               Keira Jumpsuit


  • Closed the neckline a bit.
  • Eliminated the ruching at the waist.
Fabric used:
Scuba knit purchased from

Final thoughts: This pattern is worth every second put in it to create. The instructions were very easy to follow. I will definitely make this again, at least one more time.

Thursday, February 2, 2017

Is the Bomber Jacket Making a Comeback?

And, the answer, I believe is , YES!
I decided to make this bomber jacket for myself as a part of my make for the last week ( outerwear) of the Fabric Resolution (Stash busting) challenge. In my previous post, I shared all of my creations for the weeks prior to.
What stash busting challenge you ask? Well, every month  Sew Much Talent (GR)---Facebook group-- does some type of challenge or sew-along to keep the creative juices flowing. This year is the second year that we have started off with the destashing. At this time, we also fast buying fabric. It's tough, but the rewards are great.
Getting back to the bomber jacket, last week , week four, was Outerwear challenge. As I mentioned, I chose to do the New Look 6226 ( OOP) bomber jacket. Plus, I am in another group that just so happen to already be in a bomber jacket challenge. So, I chose to do this pattern so I could "kill two birds with one stones", as the old folks would say. Why you would want to kill two birds is beyond me. Anyway, I decided to mix this Ankara print that I had in my stash with some denim I had in my stash. It was a hit!
So, here's my review...

Pattern stats: 
*NL 6226 (Workroom from Project Runway) , Sizes 4-16. Fully lined.
*This pattern is now OOP ( Out Of Print).
Fabric Suggestions:
Cotton and Cotton blends, Lt.weight denim, Pinwale corduroy, Twill, Sateen, Lt.weight wool, and wool blends, Silks, and silk types, Jacquards, Brocade, Satin, Velvet, Prequilted fabrics.
Did it look like the pattern: Yes.
Did I make any changes?  The only changes I made were very subtle. I omitted lining the sleeves,which are of a med. weight denim. So, I felt it was no need. Also, I made the yoke from the contrast denim fabric instead of the Ankara. Just subtle things.  I did not make any modifications.
The only fitting adjustments that I made were very subtle too. It was actually just a grading of the sizes. I cut a size 12 for the bodice and sleeves and tapered to a size 16 at the hips.
I very rarely sew a pattern straight out of the envelope. I'm known to frankenpattern one in a minute. Yet, this one, I made straight from the bag. And, I love it! I will definitely be making more of these.

Since making this one, others have looked for this pattern , but to no avail. However, there are other styles floating around in the pattern world. The next one on my list that I will make is this one by Mimi G Style (S8174). It's really cute!

To solidify the notion that bomber jackets are making a comeback,I probed the internet, did a google search and found several versions of the bomber jacket at various price ranges. Made me wonder what my jacket would cost on the market, hmmmm! The prices of the jackets I saw and really like ranged from $314 to $4600. I am so much more appreciative of my beautifully, self made, one of a kind bomber jacket. Check out these bomber jackets from the following designers....
Lafayette 148 Silk Bomber 

Rebecca Taylor
Silk n' Sequins

St. John

Akris Punto


Aren't you glad you can sew and create your own clothes, your OWN bomber jackets. I'm just saying. Anyway, I see mine just as good as any of the them. So, thanks to the above designers. I love your designs, but I love mine even more. BTW, maybe Rebecca Taylor has a version of hers in the Vogue patterns. On that note, I think I"ll exit this blog post and go see.

Until next time, I love you to life. Remember, you are blessed to be a blessing!

Sew Alethia

Monday, January 23, 2017

How Is Your Sewing Confidence?

Disclaimer: This is a follow up to the latest YouTube broadcast of the Tailor and the Dressmaker, co-hosted by Victoria Baylor and Jim McFarland, a.k.a. Gentleman Jim.

The Tailor and the Dressmaker

As I watched the show in the wee hours of the morning, I found myself captivated by the 52nd episode, "How Do You Rank Your Sewing Confidence? ".  They both make some valid points on the subject. And, your confidence is  not just relative to sewing. But, your level of confidence dictates the success of whatever it is you are trying to accomplish or will ever achieve.
Bottom line, know you. Know your skill level, and/or lack thereof, and do something to improve on it or keep growing your skill level.
You, FIRST, have to believe in yourself. If you think you can, you will. NEXT, decide where you want to go with who you are, and with what knowledge or skills you currently have. And, LAST, do something with what you have discovered about yourself.
Now, be honest with yourself. DO NOT think of yourself more highly than you ought too. Meaning, don't think ahead of yourself. You may want to be what and where you are not. There is nothing wrong with taking your time and building on your skill set before you get to where you see yourself.
Example: You may want to start a sewing/craft business, but you have just started sewing 2 weeks ago. Say with me, " I AM NOT READY FOR BUSINESS. There is so much to learn before you get to that level. At the same time, DO NOT "dumb down" yourself. A lot of us walk around with a false sense of humility. You will not say to others how good you are. Lack of confidence is not pretty on anybody. Do not mistake confidence for arrogance. Especially, if you are talking about doing business, you have to be able to sell yourself FIRST. In order to get the most for your skills, you have to be confident enough to know your worth.
With that being said, HOW DO YOU RATE YOUR SEWING CONFIDENCE? Rate yourself on a scale of 1-10, 1= No confidence at all, 10= I have much confidence in my sewing skills. Leave your ratings in the comments below and let's talk!

“The education of a man is never completed until he dies.” – Robert E. Lee

Saturday, January 21, 2017

Produce From the Fabric Reslolution Thus Far

Produce- (verb)- make or manufacture from components or raw materials.              (noun)- things that have been produced or grown, especially by farming.Especially- Meriam Webster's diction  says, "in particular".

I broke those definitions down because, if you are somewhat like me in your thinking, I automatically think of food, i.e. veggies, fruit, etc., when I hear the word produce. So, I just wanted to make it clear that I AM NOT  talking about food. I"m talking about makes from our fabric. Why am I telling you this, you're smarter than a fifth grader, you already knew. Right?
Anyway, I promised to share about my recent top I made during the first week of our Fabric Resolution (Stash busting) challenge.
Week 1: Tops and Dresses
Pattern used: S1324 (view A)
Fabric: ITY knit
Modifications: I  raised the neckline for more of a jewel neckline. I added a zipper tape detail to each shoulder.
Alterations: This pattern runs from sizes 8-18. I cut the 14 through the bodice, but I tapered to a 16 through the hips. Since I have small wrists I tapered the sleeve from  size 14 at the underarm seam, down to a size 8 at the wrists. I , also, lengthened the sleeve 1" because I have long arms.

Week 2: Skirts and Pants
Pattern used: NL6413 (view B)
Fabric: Uncertain. It has the look of a flannel, at the same time it has a subtle luxury like a low pile mohair knit.
Modifications: I lengthened the sleeves a couple of inches. Instead of elastic, I actually wore this , the first time, without elastic in the waist. But, I am going to  add casing on top at the seam and a drawstring. I want the option of being able to wear it both as an oversized romper or draw the string and have it  fitted at the waist as seen in the picture.
Alterations: None.

Week 3: Hats and Handbags 

Pattern used: S1401- It's So Easy
Fabric: Shell- Ankara/Denim
             Lining- Upholstery fabric.
Details:The way this pattern is set up, the outside of the bag is cut is cut in one piece and the lining is cut in two pieces. I flip-flopped this. Obviously, I used the lining for the outside and vice-verse. As simple as this pattern is, I actually stitched this bag up wrong thinking I knew how the bag went. But, the outer layer is cut on the fold and the upper lining is cut in two pieces so that left a center seam on the outside of the bag. I didn't like it, but fortunately I wanted to add a tab for closure, so it was all good. For the button, I really wanted a magnetic snap. But, because I wanted to finish this bag, I sandwiched three buttons together which added some weight. I will add another weighty button to the other side so that I can where this bag reversible. I will definitely make more of these. It takes up to 2 hours, start to finish to make. You can watch me make this bag on my Periscope TV here:

Let's Sew Today #totebag 1

Let's Sew Today #totebag 2

So, now on to the 4th week and the last challenge of this month, Outerwear. I have a couple of things in mind. One, I will attempt to get a bomber jacket done, which will in turn satisfy two sewing challenges at once. And, I will attempt to make sweater duster. Let's see.

Next month, we will start our Work Out Gear challenge hosted by Myra Rentmeester of the blog  Simple Inspirations .

If you would like to take part in any of our monthly challenges, please us on our Facebook page,
Sew Much Talent (GR) .

Until next time, Love, Peace, and Blessings !

Sew Alethia


Monday, January 16, 2017

What, You Haven't Met Peter Lappin (Gasp)?!

I can't believe you said you do not know who  the creator of the popular blog, Male Pattern Boldness is...SMH!
Well, guess what, mercy granted. You will get to meet the and only, Peter Lappin tomorrow night on That Sewing Blab. My co host, Dawn Pengelly of Duelling Designs
and I will interview him. We'll find out what he's been up to these days. I'm even curious to know where cousin Cathy Lane has been hiding these days. I'm definitely gonna ask him about these fabulous designer Ankara pants that he created. Looks fabulous, right? 
 I'm sure you have more questions, so get them together and join us tomorrow night for a  fun-filled time of sewcializing and laughter. It's a very relaxing downtime, so grab your tea or coffee and get ready for a great time!
Don't forget to tell the rest of the sewciety and all parts of the blogisphere   where you will be tomorrow night. But, you might want to follow this link and register first, the room fills up really fast. It holds a max of 50 seats (ONLINE). Here's that link....
See you there, 7:30pm, EST.  Be there or  be square, or round, or triangle...just be there, LOL!!!

Love, Peace, and Happiness,

 Sew Alethia

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

New Year...New Challenges!

I know we are almost midway into the first month of this Happy New Year of 2017, but I would be remiss if I did not start somewhere. So, I put my sewing aside for a "good" second to get the year started on a good note ( no pun intended). So, again, HAPPY NEW YEAR to you all!
I have to be honest, it is really hard sometimes finding the time to write a post. I guess that might be evident with my last post, which clearly you can see I never concluded what I started with the "Twelve Months of Sewing and Crafting!". I wrote two (2) posts before Christmas and that was "all she wrote". But, let's let the past be the past, shall we? I mean new year, new opportunities. So, I'm taking advantage of this fresh start and moving forward.
On that note, I created my first garment of the year, actually it was the second garment of the year, but it was for me to wear.  I spend the majority of my days sewing for others. So, it was my turn. And, the January "Fabric Resolution" challenge is just the thing to get me to sew more for me. The Fabric Resolution challenge is our second annual stash-busting challenge. And, by OUR I mean the Sew Much Talent/Pericrafters group challenge. We, successfully, completed a new and different challenge each month last year. Each challenge pulled many out of their creative slumps, while others captured their sew-jo back. Yet, many of us either learned new skills or discovered skills and talents that laid dormant within our very being. Whatever the case, we all are the better for it. We have expanded our wardrobes or helped expand the wardrobes of dear family members in some way. Now, it's time to do it again, yaay!! We already in week two of this challenge--- pants and skirts. I have completed my second garment, my S1283 pants. More on those later.
I must say, I am happy to be writing my first post of the 2017 year. I pray this year will prove to be full of sewing and creativity like you've never seen before. May you learn new skills, rebirth dormant talents, and truly hope you get to meet new sewing buddies.
Before this post gets any longer, I leave you with my Instagram post today, "WBW--Way Back Wednesday" . 

More pictures of  M6611

If you would like to join us in our monthly challenges, follow on my Facebook page Sew Much Talent (GR). 

I must sign off for now, but trust and know there is more to come. Until then, know that you are blessed to be a blessing!